Mother/Fathers Help


 Mother/Father’s Help is a live-out nanny option that will work alongside the parents as an extra pair of hands, assisting with nursery duties and may have sole charge of children at certain times.


Usually a 10-hour day, but generally from Monday to Friday 8 am-6.00 pm.

Rate of Pay

The hourly rate depends on experience. You can expect to pay an experienced mother/father’s help between £8-11 per hour (Net).

The Nanny’s role is to be aware of the children’s safety, development and well-being whilst in their care, and to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for the children to develop in. Their task is to assist with children’s social and educational activities (both indoors and outdoors), including play and general day to day activities to enhance their physical, emotional and social well-being.


Children’s laundry – washing, ironing etc…

General tidiness of the children’s rooms and other rooms used by children and nanny.

Keeping the toys in a safe and hygienic condition.

Dressing and bathing the children.

Preparing well balanced and nutritious meals.

Escorting the children to and from school, nursery or playgroup.

Adhering to the family’s schedule to maintain household order.

Assisting with homework.

Working with the parent to develop and implement discipline programs to promote positive behaviour.

Communicating with parents regarding all details of children’s care.

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