A maternity nurse can advise on breast/bottle feeding, colic, reflux issues, establishing routines and sleep patterns.


They can be on duty up to 24 hours a day if they live in or they can also work a regular 8-12 hour day, or night, 5-6 days per week.

Rate of Pay

The hourly rate depends on experience. You can expect to pay an experienced nanny between £10-14 per hour (Net).

The primary responsibility of the maternity nurse is with the care of both mother and baby, but some may undertake light duties including preparing meals and helping with other siblings. A maternity nurse can be booked from one week to several months. Her tasks are to advise, guide and ensure the mother feels fully rested and supported. We also offer an online maternity nurse service, which you can access here.


In care for the newborn baby, sleep positioning, bathing, changing, cord care and skincare.

Postnatal care of mum and general monitoring.

Assisting you in establishing a routine around your lifestyle.

Supervising and tidying the baby’s room.

Day to day baby laundry.

Support and encouragement of breastfeeding.

Some may undertake light duties such as preparing meals and helping with other siblings.

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