After school carers

At After School Carers, we celebrate our diverse client base and appreciate that every family has different after school needs. We work with you to find the best after school care solution by pairing you with one of our capable, trustworthy and qualified after school carers. 

Looking for after school care for your Surrey based family? We can help!
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about us

After School Carers, a sister company of Nanny and Child, was founded in 2022 to meet the growing need for after-school carers. We saw the landscape and realised the demand far outstripped the supply. Consequently, we adopted a different approach.

Rather than relying on traditional nannies, we focused on individuals with spare time but little after-school care experience. Therefore, we reached out to various community groups to create a new pool of carers. This included teachers seeking career changes, parents whose children had grown, students full of energy, and retirees eager to help.

We worked closely with each person to ensure they were competent and qualified for the after-school role. As a result, we developed an in-house training programme to support our new community in becoming after-school care ready.

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