Drive a Child

Drive a Child

Drive a Child is an interactive e-learning program that is designed for family members and child carers to enhance driving skills and awareness as well as offering peace of mind for families. 100% online, no in-car lessons, no-practical tests – just simply access to a computer.

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Why do Drive a Child?

(formerly Nanny Drive iQ)

Will Someone else be driving your child?

Everyone thinks they’re a great driver!  So how can you be sure?

  • Ask how long they have been driving
  • Check if they have any points on their licence
  • Go for a test drive with them

None of the above provide meaningful answers…

Experience helps but its not a measure of driving competence

A lack of points doesn’t mean your a safe driver

Test drives often show a false positive as people are on their best behaviour

Don’t leave it to chance…be sure your little ones get safely from A to B

We recommend Drive a Child an online assessment, education platform and the highest standard of professional advice for driving with children.

£25 – reduced to £20 when you use our special code N&C2016 (it is case sensitive)

We can do a free search to confirm if a professional child carer has completed Drive A Child

Special Offer

£25 reduced to £20 when you use our special codeN&C2016 (it is case sensitive)